What is SeqNFindTM?
SeqNFindTM is a GPU optimized sequence alignment tools suite solution.

How does SeqNFindTM work?
SeqNFindTM provides two basic levels of access to the tool suite. Both tools provide the user with the ability to control the parameters/granularity with which the algorithms query the target sequences. SeqNFindTM has a GUI for pipelining, tracking, and reusing parameter sets. In addition SeqNFindTM provides command line access to the algorithms.

What makes SeqNFindTM fast?
SeqNFindTM uses an accelerated and optimized Smith-Waterman, BLAST and other algorithms running on Graphic Processing Unit (GPU).

Is it scalable?
Yes, because it uses commodity hardware running Linux, it can be expanded to thousands of compute nodes. Since every compute node has 1952 GPU processor cores (four Tesla C2050 with 488 cores), the numbers add up quickly.

Can I run EC, MEME, HMMER, MUMmer or other open source algorithms on the system?
Yes, Nvidia supports the NVIDIA Bio Workbench that can be utilized on the SeqNFindTM system.

Why would I use this over an available cluster?
Quite simply, speed and accuracy. Clusters typically utilize CPUs for the computation, with the number of processors in the hundreds. Because each compute node for SeqNFindTM has 1952 GPU processors, the number of processors can easily be in the thousands.

How much does it cost?
Cost depends on the number of compute nodes and options in hardware, and if a workstation or cluster is purchased. Please contact your ATL sales representative for a quote.

How much does it save?
Compared with the latest quad core CPU, Tesla 10 series deliver equivalent performance at 1/10th the cost of purchasing and 1/20th the power consumption. It's not uncommon for the system to recoup the initial investment in less than one year due to power savings of a traditional cluster.

Can I run it on my own hardware?
SeqNFindTM comes as a turnkey with both hardware and software. It is ready to run from the first day. If you already have a GPU cluster installed, software solutions may be available; before acquisition ATL will need to determine if the appropriate hardware is in place for SeqNFindTM.

Can it be placed into our existing infrastructure?
Absolutely. The SeqNFindTM system can be connected to your network infrastructure with your existing servers.